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That is the message of the Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce when it talks about this year's Peach Festival, scheduled for Saturday, 24 October 2020. At noon there will be stilt walkers in the park and a meeting with adaptable dogs. The Peach Cookery Contest in Uptown Downtown is scheduled for Friday, 23rd to showcase some of the best and most creative peach recipes from around the country and the world.

So we hope everyone comes out and uses the $5 admission and brings back some fantastic memories. Veterans get free admission, while 12-year-olds get just $4 and seniors and veterans $2, and for 12-year-olds it's just $5.

The Makers Fair will be held at the historic Ruston Fire Station from 8 a.m. Everyone can venture into the surrounding area or enjoy the activities right in the city centre, and there will even be a show! Live music will be available from Saturday, July 22, from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the amphitheater in the Eisenbahnpark. This kind of music Chee Weez has not experienced tonight and will play until the end of the day on Sunday, July 23.

In keeping with the autumn theme, there will be a hay maze in the Küster-Lot on the theme of "Fun for the whole family." If that's not enough reason to fall in love with the PEACHOctober, the pumpkin theme here in Ruston has been right.

Teams are asked to find their own warm-up area and then go to their warm-up area. If the field does not have a temporary fence, the tournament organisers will show you the designated warm-up areas. The teams do not deviate from this area, but please observe the social distance and allow the next group of spectators to enter the facility to enjoy their game. This will again reduce the number of crowds and help to improve the overall atmosphere of the event and create a more relaxed atmosphere for spectators.

All parties involved are asked to enter and leave the facility at the same time to ensure that there are no traffic jams at any gate. Team meetings should be held in a separate area to avoid large crowds when boarding and disembarking. Meetings - and greetings between the playing teams - should not be held or taken in public areas to allow for random gathering of the crowd.

Please refrain from entering the facility until all teams who wish to compete have finished their participation. Teams can assemble outside the building while waiting for the end of the current game, or gather outside in the parking lot while waiting for the end of the current game. Teams can gather outside on the park grounds or on a public square while they gather outside to wait for a current game or while the team waits for another current game).

An extension will not be awarded to batsmen who are behind the fence or not ready to play, or batsmen who are in the outfield or behind a fence but not at home.

When the warm-up is complete, collapse and make sure it is lifted off and stored in a cool, dry place for at least 30 minutes. During the pregame, all coaches are asked to check to the best of their knowledge that the players are healthy and show no signs of any other illness that would prevent them from playing or endanger others. If a member of staff is found to have symptoms of COVID-19, they will be returned to their changing rooms and asked to leave the facility immediately.

Only coaches, pitchers and catchers are allowed into the defensive conference and practice social distancing. All the key coaches stay outside the dugout behind the fence and the players have to go into the dugout when they feel more comfortable there. The teams listed above in the table for each game will be automatically moved to the THIRD BASE dugouts and warm up behind makeshift fences on the left field. The teams listed near Lake Constance will take the first BASE trench, warm up under a makeshift fence in right field and take in the FIRST BASE trench.

Parents are strongly advised to bring their own chairs to sit in the grandstand, which will allow some distance from the seating. Parents should be at least 20 metres away in their seats, although we strongly encourage them to bring their own chairs and sit in the stands if allowed. There is the possibility for players to practice sliding head movements - first into the bases to minimize close contact and mark the game, but this is a suggestion and not a prescribed rule. Players should avoid high waves, which is encouraged as they can cause serious injury to players and other spectators.

T-shirts, posters and hats are now available in the Chamber and can also be purchased on site. A second coach can talk to the left wing-back if additional information needs to be passed on to other outfield players. The third coach can talk to the outfield players on the right, the left-hander, the right-hander or the right-hander. The teams consist of two teams with three players each, one for each side of the field and two for the outfield. All this can take place simultaneously, but only one game per team and no more than three games per day.

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More About Ruston